Irises need dividing

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Mon Jun 12 12:22:39 EST 2000

Yes, move them now.  The reason to move them right after flowering is
to maximize next season's flower production.  Move them too late and
you risk losing flowers.  Move them too soon and you will likely kill
the current flower buds.  But, if you're not getting flowers anyway,
you have nothing to lose moving them early, which I would recommend.

It's an imprecise measure at best.  I've move irises anytime during
the summer, from right after flowering in april-may (California) to
august-september, and never saw any ill effects.

If you're in California, it's a bit late, but better than waiting
until next year. If in a colder climate like the northeast, now's the
best time.  You'll be able to tell from your neighbors' blooms.

Oh yes, I've never used a fungicide, although it's a widely
recommended practice, and never seen any adverse effects.  Seems to be
to be a bit excessive for a garden, maybe if your living depended on
it.  I do sprinkle a slug of bone meal when I plant them.  Don't know
if it does any good or if it's just a sacrificial offering, but I do
it routinely.

Good luck on the irises.


On Tue, 6 Jun 2000 10:46:36 -0400, "Renee Brussaard"
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>Can someone tell me when it is best to divide irises? I have some in my
>garden which aren't blooming. It looks as though they have been in the same
>spot since they were planted.  I've heard that they should be moved every
>few years.  Is it okay to divide and move them now?

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