What plant is this?

Stephen Jankalski CEREOID at prodigy.net
Tue Jun 13 17:29:31 EST 2000

And where on the planet were you walking when you found it?

There are different plants found in different parts of the world. Citing the
actual location would help in narrowing things down to a particular
floristic region.

Your plant looks like some kind of thistle (Asteraceae) still in bud but
nothing like that grows in North America.

"Adao Pereira" <miguelporto at mail.telepac.pt> wrote in message
news:8i69kg$64$1 at duke.telepac.pt...
> Hello,
> I found this strange plant while I was walking in the fileds...
> http://planeta.clix.pt/welwitschia/planta.jpg
> Any idea of what it is?
> Is that a flower, or is it the plant itself? This thing is not at ground
> level, it is elevated by a leafless stalk.
> Thanks,
> Miguel

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