Sage Reynolds colsage at
Sat Jun 17 23:43:50 EST 2000

Semperviviums are hardy plants  that can grow outside year-round in
temperate climates.  If they have sun and good drainage  they will grow
easily. Many of mine are just now coming into flower (in New York).
   Echeverias are from Central America and grow in a variety of situations.
They like it dry especially in winter. A weekly  watering and at least a
half days sunlight will keep them in good health during their growing
season.  They should dry out between waterings.  In Mexico  many are found
growing on the North sides of hills which indicates that they like bright
indirect sunlight. I would also surmise from this type of situation that
they  absorb moisture from morning dew  and evening mists much like Lithops.
Good luck with your plants.
   It would be helpful, in the future, for people with problem plants to say
what kind of problem they are having and give a general geographic location
of where they are trying to grow the plant.  Many plants will grow well out
of their 'home ' latitude,  it's only a matter of a little accomodation.

E KUEHN wrote:

> Does anyone out there grow sempervians or echeveria.  I am having trouble
> keeping them in good health.  I think it is my watering technique but
> changing that doesn't seem to solve the problem.

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