Irises need dividing

Sage Reynolds colsage at
Sat Jun 17 23:53:02 EST 2000

Irises can be safely divided and replanted in July .  As the leaves yellow.
cut them  about 6 inches from the rhizome, leaving a fan of cut leaves.  Dig
up the  rhizomes and separate them from each other discarding anything that is
dried, dead, or mushy.  Rework the soil with compost and fertilizer. Replant
the rhizomes so that the roots are buried and the rhizome is about half way
into the soil. After a brief rest the plant will start to grow  again and by
November you should have  nice looking fans of new leaves.  Be sure that the
area  is well drained.  That is to say that water should not puddle around the
rhizomes for very long.
 Good luck.

Renee Brussaard wrote:

> Can someone tell me when it is best to divide irises? I have some in my
> garden which aren't blooming. It looks as though they have been in the same
> spot since they were planted.  I've heard that they should be moved every
> few years.  Is it okay to divide and move them now?

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