seeds are falling over

Monique Reed monique at
Mon Jun 19 13:42:47 EST 2000

I have seen seedlings fall over for a number of reasons including:

a.  The planting mix is soil-less and without sufficient nutrients for
good growth.  Once the seedling has exhausted the food in the seed,
you need to help it along with fertilizer or transplant it to the
earth or to a larger container.

b.  Damping-off fungus.  A number of types of soil-borne fungi can
attack the seedling right at the soil level.  Make sure your potting
mix and pots are sterile, and try to keep seed flats off the ground.

c.  Too much water.  Even if you think you are not overwatering, you
may be.  A seedling cannot keep a large area drained, so what might be
perfect watering for an older plant might be too much for a seedling.

d.  The cat has been sleeping on them.

Monique in Texas

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