Cactus problem

Stephen Jankalski CEREOID at
Tue Jun 20 08:04:29 EST 2000

That is not a "Christmas Cactus", it is one of the grafted "Moon Cactus".
These grafted cactus typically do not last very long.

The red ball shaped form that topped the plant was not a bloom but was
actually a grafted albino Gymnocalycium plant. That plant has died and the
Hylocereus undatus stock has formed a lateral branch.

Hylocereus undatus is indeed a vine and can be quite weedy. Unless you want
that, you should discard the plant and get another. There is no way to get
the graft back once it has died and the stock plant is not a choice cactus.

"Brian" <bluttrull at> wrote in message
news:3futksso6p0jv792s66vjs9vp54pun42v5 at
> I've got a Christmas cactus (I believe) in which the top red bloom
> died off, then a new shoot grew out the side.  The shoot doesn't have
> the bloom on top, but has several 'vines' growing out from it.  All
> can be ssen in the picture below.  What should I do to it?

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