rash from tamarack tree?

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>> >Has anyone heard of getting a poison-ivy like rash from a tamarack
>> >(Larix larcina) tree?  I planted one in my parents' yard froma local
>> >wetland and its the only thing I can think of that I contacted that
>> >could cause the rash.
>> People can develop allergies to almost anything, so it's conceivable
>> that you have an allergy to larch, but "local wetlands" can be poison
>> ivy farms too.  Even if it wasn't you who dug and hauled it, if it got
>> bashed into some PI enough to get some juice on it, it could have
>> it on to you.
>Thanks for the response.  There was no poison ivy in the area, so I
>don't know what else could have caused it.
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did a quick altavist search for "contact dermatitis" and tamarack:


Does not specifically state that tamarack can cause dermatitis, but
other Larix species may.


This site specifically discusses colophony, a sensitivity to rosins
such as those produced by pines and tamarack.


"Sawdust from the wood has ben known to cause dermatitis in some

Hope this helps.

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