Off topic (but useful)

Pang no at
Sun Jun 25 19:38:30 EST 2000

I found a great new Internet company - that has created a
product that everyone can benefit from. They pay you while you work or play
on your computer. They even pay you when your friends are using their
computers. It's free to join and your privacy is completely protected.

Their proprietary software - the FiestaBar- displays ads at the bottom or
top of your computer screen. Since advertisers want you to view these ads,
they pay CashFiesta to reach you via The FiestaBar and then CashFiesta
shares its advertising revenues with you. Members who use the FiestaBar are
paid for their own Web browsing and for referrals.

All you have to do is sign up and start making money. It only takes a
minute. You can refer your friends, family and co-workers and you will
receive a percentage of their earnings in addition to your own.

So here is the link, enjoy and happy money making to all of you.

Check it out!

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