Benjamin Loosing leaves

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Mon Jun 26 13:10:41 EST 2000

Remember this one word, Benjamin.


In reference to what, sir?


Are you referring to Ficus benjamina, better known as the "Weeping Fig"?

Ponder the significance of that common name and you will realize that your
situation is normal for your plant.

Ficus benjamina is an awful houseplant but that doesn't stop suckers from
wasting their hard earned money buying them without knowing the problems
that soon await them.

Read up on plants BEFORE you buy them.

If you bought it at a plant store, return it and exchange it for something

If you bought it off the back of a truck, you will know better next time. It
wasn't the bargain you thought it was.

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I have a benjamin... and it looses leaves.

Can you give me some instructions how to really well take care of the
benjamin. What to look for and how to cure what symptoms?... like rippled
leaves, falling leaves, yellow leaves

Thank you


Please reply by email as well... zischeck_michael at

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