All seeds are failing

binkleyNOSPAM at binkleyNOSPAM at
Wed Jun 28 20:32:08 EST 2000

: I have been trying to grow plants from seeds in pots at home(vegetables and
: flowers, actually) and all of them grow very fast after sprouting, then they
: bend over with their weight (about 2 inches/4cms) every single time!
: Does anyone have any idea what I may be doing wrong? I give them plenty of
: water (not too much, though, and adequate drainage and clay pots) plenty of
: light.  What could it be?

Hi, Lucy:
	Have you been over-fertilizing them?  Are you growing them for
containers, or for transplants?  If for the latter, you need to harden
them off at a relatively small stage, usually by withholding water, in
order for them to be successful in the garden.
					- Tim -

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