Why does organic fruit have no worms?

Beverly Erlebacher bae at cs.toronto.edu
Thu Jun 29 20:36:53 EST 2000

> My understanding of organic is that no pesticides are used, yet I cannot
> help but notice that these fruits have no worms.   What techniques are
> in organic farming to prevent insect damage to the fruit?

Orchard sanitation can reduce worm infestation dramatically.  THe insect
overwinters in dropped fruit and other debris, and several other apple
pests/diseases overwinter in fallen leaves, so if all this debris is 
cleaned up and buried, composted, burned or otherwise destroyed or removed
from the area, infestation can be minimized.

I talked to the people who rehabilitated the small orchard at a historic
house now a museum here in Toronto, and they told me that the apples were
severely infested with worms and marked with scab and black spot when they
acquired the site.  After several years of scrupulous sanitation, most of
the fruit was free of all these problems.  Their mandate in operating the
extensive gardens and grounds was to use only methods available used in
the pre-pesticide era the house represents.

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