Hard Water

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On Wed, 08 Mar 2000 08:41:00 -0700, Bev Hudema <hudemab at cadvision.com>

>I live in an area where our water is very hard.  I'm also rather new to
>indoor plant care and worry that my tap water may not be good for my
>Is there anything I can do to soften my tap water?  Any type of additive I
>can use, etc.?  It would be too expensive to buy bottled water just for my
>hudemab at cadvision.com
Not all plants are sensitive to hard water, so a lot depends on what
plants you have. If you have a local garden/houseplant store that
sells the same plants as what you have, point out your plants and ask
a KNOWLEDGEABLE sales person if it is sensitive to hard water, and
what they recommend.

Often, but not always, local shops will tend to sell mainly those
types of plants which can be easily grown under local conditions,
including local water hardness conditions. They want to minimize the
number of customers that come back with dead plants wanting their
money back.

Water softeners often replace the calcium/magnesium/iron salts that
make water "hard" with sodium chloride, which may be just as bad, if
not worse, for your plants than what they take out.

Sometimes the worst thing about hard water is the white scale that
builds up on the outside of clay pots.

Is collecting rainwater a feasable option?

In general, water hardness is probably not your biggest concern if you
are new to keeping houseplants. Correct lighting and watering regimens
are much more important. Again, all depends upon the specific plants
you have. You may find out that if only one or two of your plants are
sensitive to hard water, and the others are not, buying distilled or
deionized water is not a prohibitively expensive option.

I know these are all generalizations, and may not be too helpful. Your
best bet is to talk with someone local who knows your plants' needs.

Good luck! I hope this helps!

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