My boston fern is infested

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> My beloved boston fern, Gertie (yes I name my plants) is infested.
The bugs
> start as white lumps the size of a piece of short grain rice
> which later turn brown. They are adherrent to the stalks of the fern
> the base out to the apex, but do not seem to attach themselves to the
> leaves). They appear to hold on the the fern via a glue that they
secrete as
> opposed to using limbs.
> For what it is worth, we live in northern nevada (Reno) and she is a
> strictly indoor plant.
> Does anybody know what this is and how to kill it without harming the
> fern???
> Please reply directly to my email.
> Time is of the essence, she is dying.
> Thanks
> Kevin M. Windisch
g'day kevin,

the metho trick is one way here are another couple of ways that i have

if the plant is not totally covered with the bugs mix a solution of
white petrolium oil and spray liberally over all fronds keep out of
direct sun and place in an outside position untill control is complete.

for extreme infestation cut off all existing fronds treat the crowns
with the white oil and let the plant recoup.

you most likely will find that there may be ants in the pot they will
need to go so trea them as well.


happy gardening
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