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Cold Spring Harbor Course
Arabidopsis Molecular Genetics
June 30 - July 20
Kathy Barton, University of Wisconsin, Madison
John Bowman, University of California, Davis
Ueli Grossniklaus, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland
This course provides an intensive overview of topics in plant growth, 
physiology and development, focusing on molecular genetic approaches to 
understanding plant biology. It emphasizes recent results from Arabidopsis 
thaliana and other model plants and provides an introduction to current 
methods used in Arabidopsis research. It is designed for scientists with 
experience in molecular techniques or in plant biology who wish to work 
with Arabidopsis. The course consists of a vigorous lecture series, a 
hands-on laboratory, and informal discussions. Discussions of important 
topics in plant research will be presented by the instructors and by 
invited speakers. These seminars will include plant morphology and anatomy; 
plant development (including development of flowers, roots, meristems and 
leaves, male and female gametophytes, and embryos); perception of light and 
photomorphogenesis; synthesis, function and perception of hormones. 
Lectures describing bioinformatics tools available to the Arabidopsis 
community, and the potential of the Arabidopsis genome project for 
accelerating Arabidopsis research will also be included. Speakers will 
provide overviews of their fields, followed by in-depth discussions of 
their own work. The laboratory sessions will provide an introduction to 
important techniques currently used in Arabidopsis research. These include 
studies of Arabidopsis development, mutant analysis, in situ detection of 
RNA, histochemical staining, transient gene expression, applications of 
green fluorescent protein fusions, protein interaction and detection, 
techniques commonly used in genetic and physical mapping, map-based 
cloning, and mutant isolation by reverse genetics. The course also includes 
several short workshops on important themes in genetics.
Last year's speakers included: Philip Benfey, Winslow Briggs, Zach Cande, 
Joanne Chory, Jerry Cohen, Xing-Wang Deng, Nancy Dengler, Thomas Jack, 
David Jackson, Nancy Kerk, Rob Martienssen, Peter McCourt, Ann Palmenberg, 
Scott Poething, Eric Richards, David Spector, Ian Sussex, Michael Sussman, 
Athanasios Theologis, Albrecht Von Arnim, Susan Wessler, & Detlef Weigel.
We look forward to seeing you at Cold Spring Harbor.
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