european equivalent to Carolina/Fischer

José A. Feijó jose.feijo at
Fri Mar 10 06:36:39 EST 2000

Dear all:
As I'm browsing through the all new catalogue from Carolina Biol.Co., I 
can't help feeling my admiration for the quantitity and diversity of high-
quality pedagogical materials these american companies offer. Yet, it's 
always a pain having to deal with customs and stuff to import even a 
microscope slide. Can someone point me out some sort of equivalent company 
(even not so broad or complete; I teach Plant Development at grad and 
post-grad levels) located somewhere in Europe, but with equal level of 
profissional stand and facility for business (e.mail and credit card 
payment are a must these days, and for some reason most european 
scientific companies still didn't got it...).

Many thanks in advance

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