My boston fern is infested

Jadis jadis at
Fri Mar 10 11:54:49 EST 2000

My mom has a 3-foot Brassaia/Schefflera that is *infested* with scale. I
spent a good 2 hours trying to scrape them off but it isn't easy. I haven't
given up on it yet. I think I'll wait for a warm Saturday and take the beast
out onto the front porch for a day-long scraping session. I couldn't imagine
doing a fern though.


Scott J. Brenkert <tuttleok at> wrote in message
news:20000309022604.02474.00001304 at
| Mealybug is a type of scale, but it is NOT mealybug - probably a
| scale.  Ferns do not respond well to pesticides, so the aforementioned
| "scraping" treatment is the best I can think of.
| Scott Brenkert
| USDA 6b, Heat 8 - if you have to ask, don't!!

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