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> I have many amaryllis in my garden....some have one stalk some two,
> some have 4 buds per stalk, some have 6 or 7.  If growing in a pot,
> remember to keep it watered and all until the leaves begin to die
> back.  Depending upon where you live, plant it outside in a nice sunny
> location and in a couple of years you will have MANY amaryllis.  :-)
> Stephanie

This is a wonderful new experience to me, both amaryllis and posting, so
if I do something wrong please let me know!
I just moved into a house that has 15 Amaryllis (bright red) blooming and
Amaryllis "Belladonna" which the foilage is coming in, but not flowers
yet. My initial question (there will be many more!) is that near the
porch the Amaryllis are almost forming a hedge they are so thick, do I
need to thin them out, if so, how and when would I do this?

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