How kill Arum Italica?

Stephen Jankalski CEREOID at
Wed Mar 15 22:02:56 EST 2000

Why not dig up the tubers and give them to somebody who appreciates the
plant? Its an attractive plant and there are probably many who would love to
have it in their garden.

""Michael Sherrell"" <grizzlyan at> wrote in message
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> Can anyone advise me on a 1-shot spray to kill Arum Italica? It's tuberous
> and has made comebacks from the stuff I've used. I could keep spraying it
> with Roundup, but it's getting repetitious. I don't want to keep
> experimenting around with other sprays, none of which have done the job
> I have dug it up where that is convenient, but in some places it's
> unfeasable or just too hard.
> I wonder if weed oil would work.
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