How kill Arum Italica?

Scott Mcphee hyphae at
Thu Mar 16 00:47:34 EST 2000

I have the same problem here in Santa Rosa, Ca, just down the road from you.
The stuff is nearly impossible to dig out, as there is no way to get all of
the little bulbs. Please do not dig up and give it away as Stephen
suggested. Sprays did not work for me either. I have been having what seems
like moderate success at keeping them at a minimal by removing the leaves
everytime I see them. I hope some day to starve the roots so much they just
fade away.


"Michael Sherrell" wrote in message
<002901bf8ed7$db64ea80$d7c1aec7 at rossbranch>...
>Can anyone advise me on a 1-shot spray to kill Arum Italica? It's tuberous
>and has made comebacks from the stuff I've used. I could keep spraying it
>with Roundup, but it's getting repetitious. I don't want to keep
>experimenting around with other sprays, none of which have done the job
>I have dug it up where that is convenient, but in some places it's
>unfeasable or just too hard.
>I wonder if weed oil would work.
>Mike Sherrell
>Forestville, Northern California
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