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Thank you for your help, Stephen.

Since I'm new to indoor plant care, I always research before I
buy.  I have 3 plant books that were recommended to me by more
experienced people.  I only post questions to this NG when I
can't find what I'm looking for in these books or on the web.
All 3 of my books say that Echeveria should be placed in
indirect, never direct, sunlight.  Therefore, I thought it would
be fine under my plant light, where I have a minature rose that
blooms every 3 or 4 months.  If the rose can continue to bloom,
I figured the Echeveria should be able to get enough light.
None of my books say anything about the symptoms of not enough
light.  Perhaps you can recommend some better research material
for me.

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>Do your homework BEFORE buying your plants.

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