researching my liver herbs...

gonbatty gonbatty at
Sat Mar 18 20:09:25 EST 2000

Hi. I am having a little problem finding the information that i want. maybe
it's to simple for cyberland ,but here it goes.   I have hepatitis c and am
taking a supplement that is suppossed to "restore the balance to your spleen
and liver".  all i am trying to do is find  the herbs and plants in this
formulation.  i mean i have the scientific names right on the bottle but
what i am trying to research is how well studied  these particular plants
are and what affects they seem to have when comsumed by  we homosapiens.
theres about 20 different names on the bottle and they are all formulated to
be 750 mills. of each of the listed ingredients. i am not a wiz on this
machine so i am having a really difficult time narrowing my search  down to
the right key words. any suggestions would be gladly accepted! thanks.  k.b.
gonbatty at

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