No Worries

Les Ireland kaleco at
Tue Mar 21 12:42:01 EST 2000

That debate has been around for a long while.  I've never dealt with the
arsenic or creosote containing preservatives - the only ones we use up here
are copper and/or zinc napthanate.  The Copper might prevent the plant from
growing well, but the zinc shouldn't hurt it at all.

I believe that the arsenic that IS in some wood preservatives is in a form
other than that which is toxic to us - ie it is toxic to bacteria & fungus,
but not to other organisms.  I would say rest easy and no worries!!

Now, on a different note, the use of pressure treated wood IS handy for how
long the wood will last - HOWEVER, that does not mean it's invincible!!
ALWAYS use a UV inhibitive stain on ANY wood which sunlight comes in contact
with.  This is because UV breaks down the wood fibres quite quickly and this
is not slowed by conventional wood preservatives.  The use of a high quality
semi-transparent stain is highly recommended.  If your wood is pressure
treated, you SHOULD let it weather a week or two outside, then check to make
sure it contains less than 15% moisture, and then apply 2 coats of stain
BEFORE YOU BEGIN CONSTRUCTION.  If you do this, you will thank me.  I
promise.  Oooooh, there are so many people with crappy fences and decks ...
my my my.  If I got a quarter for all the fences and/or decks built
incorrectly in North America, I would be a seriously wealthy man!!! ;>

Good luck!!

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