Stephanie stephani at
Tue Mar 21 15:31:04 EST 2000

Also remember that you may have done nothing wrong at all.
Perhaps the plant was ill when you purchased it and you did 
not know it.

I once bought a healthy looking plant only to have it die shortly
after...upon dumping it out of the pot I found rotted roots and little
tiny insects of some sort.  The damage was far too extensive to have
occured in the short time I had the plant.

Also, not all plants like artifical light....

Perhaps you might try purchasing another plant at another nursery and
see what happens.


Bev Hudema <hudemab at> wrote:

>I recently bought a 'Hen and Chicks' in a 4-inch pot.  It looked sort of
>like a cabbage when I got it; a rosette with all the leaves pointing
>After only 2 weeks, all the leaves have started to point downwards.  Is
>this normal?  If not, what am I doing wrong?
>I have it under a plant light since I have only north-facing windows.

>hudemab at

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