Absorption of arsenic by edible plants

Chris Owens caowens at redsuspenders.com
Wed Mar 22 17:41:57 EST 2000

gardenlen wrote:
> i have heard of people in
> aus' being hospitalised and i also remember someone dying from using
> treated timber as b.bq wood. just wonder then how safe it realy is in
> the environment of the vege/edible garden. 

Very; there is a major difference between inhaling sawdust or smoke, and
eating something that is planted near something.  After all, you could
eat fruit that had been planted next to poison ivy all day with no
problems; touching the ivy, or inhaling it's smoke, would be a whole
'nother story, though.  The issue is whether the arsenates leach into
the soil, and, from there, are taken up by the plants.  All the data to
date indicate that neither happens.

Chris Owens

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