Absorption of arsenic by edible plants

Chris Owens caowens at redsuspenders.com
Wed Mar 22 17:47:02 EST 2000

Mesas wrote:
> You don't understand. Has anyone examined the methodology of the
> scientific studies done?

Yes, Theresa, they have.  Essentially, the methodology consists of
burying pieces of treated wood in various types of soils, exposing the
soils to the elements for various lengths of time, then sampling the
soils at specified distances from the wood and testing for the presence
of arsenates.  It's exactly the same methodology that is used for
testing for all sorts of leaching, and is very difficult to screw up. 
And, since as with all EPA testing, the work is done by an independent
laboratory -- NOT the manufacturer -- there isn't a great liklihood of
result bias.

Just out of curiosity, I replicated this test for myself, and got
exactly the same results -- no leaching detected over a five year

Chris Owens

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