Absorption of arsenic by edible plants

Les Ireland kaleco at sprint.ca
Fri Mar 24 14:31:08 EST 2000


It sounds like you've done your homework here.  Being that *I* am in the
scientific community (specifically genetics), I respect the information you
have gathered and related to us.  I don't know what more you could do to
satisfy certain persons of their somewhat fanatical (and perhaps blinded)
position on the subject.

What I would suggest is that you publish your own findings.  Why not?  It
would certainly satisfy some of the skeptical community.

What I would also suggest is that PLANTER should see about doing the test
him/herself to satisfy the curiosity.  That or this person should develop a
scientific method of testing with PRECISE details and SPECIFIC quantitative
values to work against.

Finally, it's up to each individual to make his/her decision what to make of
scientific information.  In this case, the original post simply asked the
opinions and whether we thought it was safe.  If it was me, one or two
expressions of doubt would have been enough to deter me from using the
lumber - however this person now also knows there are other avenues to
research it for themself.

I can't believe some people are getting so heated about this, it's a
childish argument, particularly by certain uninformed or under-educated


I personally believe it is safe to use arsenic-treated lumber, and I am
traditionally a skeptic.  Chris Owens has given enough information to sate
my need for information.  But this is just me.  I believe that Chris has
done a thorough enough scientific experiment - but this is MY opinion.  HIS
opinion is his own, and he simply shared his information.  Don't get on his
case about it.

Thanks Chris

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