When To Repot Corn Plant?

Toni Allardyce ccrhorse at netcom.ca
Sat Mar 25 01:53:35 EST 2000

Did anyone really answer her question? Come on guys, this is a board to help
not criticize (oops sorry I just did).... Per your question, if the roots
are surrounding the pot when you tap it out and are bunched up on the bottom
I would say it is time to replant to a bigger pot... by the way I work in a
commercial greenhouse (27 acres), one of the biggest plant producers
(indoor) in N. America and we all use the common names.
Steve Hinkson <sphinkson at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
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> But... "Dragon Tree" is the common name for a different Dracaena.
> Would you have common names even more confusing?
> I'll go for "Fragrant Dragon Tree"
> Personally, I think "Corn Plant" is fine.
> Steve (H)
>            Stephen J. wrote:
> > Please don't call Dracaena  a "Corn Plant". "Dragon Tree" is far more
> > appropriate.
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