Absorption of arsenic by edible plants

Ann annbal at thecia.net
Sat Mar 25 07:22:39 EST 2000

Planter <nospam at nospam.com> expounded:

>Mr. Owens has stated that he has replicated the study---we are still
>waiting for him to post them!

First off, Mr. is a Ms.
>Mr. Chris Owens is a poseur!  Any self-respecting scientist or reseacher
>would have at their immediate disposal cites to support their position. 
>Furthermore, in my many years associated with the scientific community,
>Mr. Owens claims a first by suggesting to an investigator the use of the
>FOIA as a method of getting the studies he uses for support of this
>claims from the EPA!

Ms. Owens did post her evidence to back up her claim, you just don't
like it.  

Ann, Gardening in Zone 6a
Just south of Boston, MA

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