Absorption of arsenic by edible plants

A. M. Hawk Widner amhwidner at home.net
Sat Mar 25 11:36:51 EST 2000

Thanks!  Very enlightening.

Another idea:
I have seen PTL retaining walls back-filled with a narrow buffer - a pouch
made of landscape fabric and filled with washed rock.  This reduces soil
contact, further extending the life of the wall, as well as reducing
shifting due to frost heave, to which even the best-built wall is eventually
susceptible.  It also prevents wicking, which can cause perpetual damp
pockets against the wood, especially a problem in heavy clay soils.

my house is a pigsty, my garden is a mess - but I have a tidy hard drive!

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> See this site for levels, leaching, ppm, etc. Read thru all three pages.

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