Oh my gawd what a retarded argument.

Les Ireland kaleco at sprint.ca
Sat Mar 25 14:25:03 EST 2000

Hey planter, you've got to give it a rest eh?  This is a public forum where
people insert their own opinions, and relate information upon their own
experiences.  If this forum was to be governed by methods such as those you
refer to, no one would want to take part, as they would be afraid to speak
their opinions.  This, my friend, is blatantly unscientific.

Take your haughty attitude elewhere.  Keep in mind that *I* may just have
that graduate degree you mentioned I was an "undergrad" to.  That was
hostile, and I have not been hostile to you.  That is unscientific
behaviour.  In the scientific community, the furthering of scientific theory
and experimentation is based on the natural filtering of information through
paradigmal channels.  That is, dogma determines what information is
accepted.  This requires a plethora of information and incomplete studies to
be shared between others in the scientific community.  That, my friend, is

Now, you profess to "know" the proper scientific methods of this situation,
what I don't understand is that if you take such a strong *curiosity* in
this subject, why don't you fund the experimentation process yourself?  Do
you have a couple of extra million dollars lying around?  Do you have the
resources of a university at your disposal?  If your answer is yes, then get
off your ass (sitting in front of your computer), and do it!  Stop harassing
Chris.  However, if you are like most people on this forum with a modicum of
training, some experience and a decent brain, then perhaps you should
consider sitting back and simply reading, and taking for yourself the data
whch has been related - however small amount that may be.  It is obvious to
the average joe out there that information contained in a newsgroup is NOT a
formal study.  Who but you cares if Chris is a poseur?  For that matter, I
simply challenge YOU to come up with the number of citations you require for
either side of the argument.  Do you have the inane desire to do so? I
certainly don't.  I just come on this newsgroup to learn how to plant my
tomatoes.  I don't come for definitive scientific data on arsenic in my
garden.  Go form your own newsgroup about the effects of pressure-treated
wood on the arsenic levels in our gardens.

Gah, the whole idea of this argument is ludicrous.  The only reason *I* am
taking part is because I am at work in a junky little paint store and I am
bored half the time, and Porn just doesn't turn my crank.

That's my last word.

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