Absorption of arsenic by edible plants

Alf Christophersen alf.christophersen at basalmed.uio.no
Sat Mar 25 16:43:36 EST 2000

On Sat, 25 Mar 2000 09:33:30 -0500, wtmorgan at pilot.msu.edu (Bill
Morgan) wrote:

>No, there is an easier way: the before and after test. You first thest the
>soil to get the background level of arsenic. Then, you put the treated wood
>in place and to the "after" tests, looking for a change in concentration. 
>That's the nutshell version, anyway. In reality, you need to use several
>sites, do several replicates of the before and after for each site, and you
>need to have controls where no wood (or untreated wood) is used, but you
>get the idea.

I'm afraid that difference would be far less than the uncertainties in
the method of measurement.

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