Absorption of arsenic by edible plants

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> Morgan) wrote:
> >What we're talking about isn't so much ultra-analysis as whether or not
> >this preservative can pose a hazard in the amounts that might leach out.
> >You don't need radioisotopes to get at that question.
> Since the amounts most possibly is in range less than 1 microgram pr
> kg earth and the the concentration in earth from ancient time is at
> least 1000 times higher, you need exact methods, otherwise you will
> believe the background is the leakage (it has been done)

Sorry, no. That's why you do before and after testing. If the level after
cannot be statistically separated from the level before, then that's your
answer: essentially no leaching. And that's all that's required to tell if
there is a problem. It won't be as precise an answer as is possible, but it
is as precise as is needed to establish that the soil is safe. Beyond that,
who cares?


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