Absorption of arsenic by edible plants

Chris Owens caowens at redsuspenders.com
Fri Mar 31 15:19:59 EST 2000

Alf Christophersen wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Mar 2000 17:25:50 -0500, wtmorgan at pilot.msu.edu (Bill
> Morgan) wrote:
> >What we're talking about isn't so much ultra-analysis as whether or not
> >this preservative can pose a hazard in the amounts that might leach out.
> >You don't need radioisotopes to get at that question.
> Since the amounts most possibly is in range less than 1 microgram pr
> kg earth and the the concentration in earth from ancient time is at
> least 1000 times higher, you need exact methods, otherwise you will
> believe the background is the leakage (it has been done)

Not if, as with proper scientific procedure, you measure the background

Chris Owens

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