HELP with my pepper plants

Chuck.R chuck at
Mon May 15 14:25:15 EST 2000

Anything that reduces photosynthetic activity also reduces productivity of a
crop.  If you have enough plants and are not concerned with maximizing
productivity then organic techniques are the way to go.  However, if your
pepper growing is a commercial enterprise the seek out the more economical
non-organic techniques.

Early season sprays with insecticidal soaps and oils will suppress leaf
miner activity as well as several other insect problems.

There are systemic insecticides that are labeled for peppers and leaf miner
control.  They are systemic to leaf and stem but not to the fruit. Lab
procedures for several non-labeled systemics indicate that the fruit stem is
the proper part to analyze for presence.  Residue from several of these
Systemics are seldom fount in the fruit itself.

And most people do not eat the stems.

Incidentally,  I was raised on an "organic" farm some 60 years ago.  Mostly
because there were no pesticides available at that time.  There is no
comparison to quality then with quality today.  If these chemicals are
killing us why has life expectancy increased from the low 50's in the 1940's
to the mid 70's today.  Some of this is due to the reality that today there
are less toxins from insects contaminating foodstuffs.

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