Leyland cypress cuttings

R.O. jolin at whidbey.net
Sat May 20 16:12:52 EST 2000

abacusnurseries.freeserve.co,uk <david at abacusnurseries.freeserve.co.uk>
wrote in message news:8g1odf$bks$1 at newsg1.svr.pol.co.uk...
> In a close covered propagating bench with 4 inches of Peat/pearlite/sand
> I have had them root in just over 6 weeks in the summer when the temp was
> high, but kept about 100% humidity, if they dry they are DEAD.
> David...S.Wales
> E mail your address for my latest Dahlia catalogue

What do you use as a rooting hormone?

I planted over 300 feet of 16" tall Leylands about 7 years ago and got an
almost instant hedge.  Total strangers stop just to ask what the hell it it
that grows that fast.  I live on Whidbey Island in Washington State - USA
and they are just starting to catch on.


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