Oleander danger

Steve, Tammy, Chloe and Ellysha Hale shale at NOSPAMwantree.com.au
Sat May 27 11:36:36 EST 2000

Old miners tale in west Australia. a few miner in the 1800's died from using
the branches of the oleander to stir their billy tea's. I believe it. They
are very toxic but we grow a lot in West Australia and I am yet to here of
anyone dying. Incedentally, the common indoor Ficus (F. benjamina) is almost
as dangerous but no one worries about that do they?
"Gene or Suzette," <gene-suzette at home.com> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> How toxic are these plants really. Will a leaf kill you if you ate it.
> Or a flower eaten by a child ?
> Does anyone have any true stories ?
> Thanks, Gene

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