Please help my ornamental cabbage

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> My ornamental cabbage ("Frank") was purchased a few weeks ago from a pets
> and gardens centre in the UK.
> I brought him home and promptly named him - but an stupidly ignorant of
> to care for him.
> My mom thinks that they should be watered from the saucer he sits in so
> roots can absorb upwards and this is what I have been doing (it consumes
> vast quantities of water - is this right?)
> The leaves at the base of the plant have gone crispy and now fallen off,
> while the middle of the plant is going from white to green and is still
> quite 'juicy' and succulent feeling.
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When you water like that it causes the salts in the water to build up to
toxic levels.  Hold  Frank over the sink and give him a good watering from
the top.  Do this untill water pours out the bottom.  In the future top
water and  don't let Frank sit in a tray of leftover water.

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