Help with my Philodendron!

Mark Panos mgpanos at
Mon Oct 9 21:48:57 EST 2000

I am a philodendron lover and have had my monster size plants for about 15
years.  Today, I was moving one around and the trunk/stem broke about 1/2
way through.  I now realize that it is much to big for the area it is in and
needs to be smaller.  Can I just cut the stem (leaving some of the "air
root" stubs) and replant this in new soil?  Will it root and grow?  I really
hate to just whack the vine off close to the pot as this plant has leaves
about 18" across.  If I cut it at the pot, the new vine takes a long time to
get to this point.

Any suggestions or input?

Please Email me direct as I do not normally visit this newsgroup.



mgpanos at

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