Cordofolia( I think...)

Stephen Jankalski CEREOID at
Tue Oct 10 03:33:08 EST 2000

Cordifolia is a species epithet meaning heart shaped leaves and has been
used for a wide variety of plants. It is not a genus name or a common name
for a plant. Could you tell more about your plant. Is it a leaf succulent?
Most likely, it is not cold hardy.

<PDXTom at> wrote in message
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> While in Las Vegas a few weeks ago I fell in love with a plant that was
> growing all around the outer parameter of the swimming pool where I was
> staying. I took a couple of bits of it with roots intact and brought it
> home with me in hopes that I can get it to flourish and spread in my
> home in Portland OR.
>  Now I'm not 100% certain but I think that its name is Cordofolia.
>  Can anyone tell me how best to care for this plant? I've planted it in
> a planter box in the same soil that I use for my cactus. I've been
> keeping it outside and it seems to be doing OK so far but now our
> weather is starting to cool off and the rain is back. I assume that I
> should bring it indoors to keep it warm.
>  Any help will be appreciated.

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