Plants producing Oxygen at Night

Edgar Heim e.heim at
Sat Oct 21 13:32:05 EST 2000

No, I dont think, that plants can produce oxygen at night. For oxygen
production they need light. It might be possible, that some kind of plants
produce oxygen during the time you have put on the lights in your bedroom.
But when it is dark...? I think, it is a mission impossible.
Storage of oxygen is done by Crassulaceae. They absorb oxygen at night und
produce sugar during the day. It is an adaptation to the hot temperatures at
daylight. But i think, that you are searching for the other way. Store
oxygen during the day and release it at night. I never heard of something
like that.


Riki Clarke <rikiclarke at> schrieb in im
Newsbeitrag: 8ssgou$rqr$1 at
> Hi all
> Can anyone answer my dilemma regarding plants as I was led to believe that
> certain types of plant were more suitable for the bedroom than others
> because they produced or released Oxygen at night. Is this true - can
> produce oxygen at night or can they store oxygen they have produced during
> the day to release at night ???
> If they do please give plant examples.
> Many Thanks
> Rik.

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