Protect yourself and your computer get Evidence Eliminator

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Wed Oct 25 11:08:04 EST 2000

Sugeest  bcwipe if this is a need for you and  you want the best.

Used to be free for a single user, not sure if it is anymore.

Disclaimer: I have no interest of any kind in this software or jetico,
but I've been using it for several years. 


On Tue, 24 Oct 2000 17:51:01 GMT, "Merlin" <merlin at>

|Evidence Eliminator
| When you access the Internet, your computer keeps permanent hidden records
| of your activity for months or years, including web sites visited,
| documents, pictures, videos and sounds. This is a serious threat to the
| legitimate surfer's privacy. Evidence Eliminator is a solution to this
| problem. It analyzes and protects your whole hard drive and defeats all
| known Forensic Analysis Software.To download, Go Here

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