Web site anniversary: Cal's Plant of the Week 100th plant posted

Scott Russell srussell at ou.edu
Tue Oct 31 15:07:26 EST 2000

Hi all!

This is just a note to those who may be interested in Cal's Plant-of-the-Week
site, which has been running at the University of Oklahoma for ~100 weeks, since
October 9, 1998.  Cal is our local greenhouse grower with a particular talent
for growing plants and experience in both academic and commercial plant growth
facilities.  Every week he features a plant that we have flowering in the
greenhouses here at OU and gives tips on growing it.

This 100th plant listing means that we have tips and illustrations online
concerning about one-third of the species in our collection now.  But don't
worry that we are running out ... species here are constantly changing.  Since
the greenhouses are fifty years old, the heating and cooling frequently fail and
whenever this happens, old plant species are replaced, as needed, by new.
Fortunately we are able to keep most of the species in culture.  These plants
form a good teaching collection for general botany, ecology, systematics,
propagation, economic botany and structural botany.

I am also posting the information about this site on usenet because Yahoo! and
other indexing services have not accepted my request for a listing, and I doubt
that many people outside of OU are aware of the existence of this site.  Thanks
for your time and I hope that you have a chance to visit.   -Scott Russell

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