Web site anniversary: Cal's Plant of the Week 100th plant posted

Scott Russell srussell at ou.edu
Tue Oct 31 15:13:26 EST 2000

Sad to say, I forgot to include the URL, without which the announcement is not much
value.  Here it is:


....sorry about that.   -S

Scott Russell wrote:

> Hi all!
> This is just a note to those who may be interested in Cal's Plant-of-the-Week
> site, which has been running at the University of Oklahoma for ~100 weeks, since
> October 9, 1998.  Cal is our local greenhouse grower with a particular talent
> for growing plants and experience in both academic and commercial plant growth
> facilities.  Every week he features a plant that we have flowering in the
> greenhouses here at OU and gives tips on growing it.
> This 100th plant listing means that we have tips and illustrations online
> concerning about one-third of the species in our collection now.  But don't
> worry that we are running out ... species here are constantly changing.  Since
> the greenhouses are fifty years old, the heating and cooling frequently fail and
> whenever this happens, old plant species are replaced, as needed, by new.
> Fortunately we are able to keep most of the species in culture.  These plants
> form a good teaching collection for general botany, ecology, systematics,
> propagation, economic botany and structural botany.
> I am also posting the information about this site on usenet because Yahoo! and
> other indexing services have not accepted my request for a listing, and I doubt
> that many people outside of OU are aware of the existence of this site.  Thanks
> for your time and I hope that you have a chance to visit.   -Scott Russell

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