I.D. needed on houseplant

Colin Mitchell Beier cbeier at vt.edu
Tue Sep 5 22:29:18 EST 2000

perhaps a Dracaena spp. or some other widely cultivated member of "tropical
most of what these stores sell is pretty common so you should be able to
figure it out.
good luck.  i think SJ might be on the right track as well.


Norman Frank <ngfrank at bellsouth.net> wrote in message
news:LSft5.6648$RY2.57491 at news4.mco...
>      I was in Home Depot and bought a plant hoping my  wife could identify
> it, but she thinks it is a "corn plant' and it doesn't exactly match the
> picture. They had a whole table of them, and it only costs $15, so I
> its pretty common.
>      The plant stands about 3-4 feet high and is in a 10 inch pot. The
> feature is the trio of naked trunks each about 1-2 inches in diameter.
> look like small sapling trunks, but they don't have any leaves on them
> the exception of a single "tuft" of vegetation sticking out the side near
> the top (which does sort of resemble the leaves of a corn plant). The tops
> of the trunks seem to be cut off and covered with black paint or tar.
>      The info-sheet included is nonspecific, and calls it  a FOLIAGE,
> requiring rather standard care. Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks....Norman
> Norman Frank   nfrank at bellsouth.net

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