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AgBiotechNet announces collaboration with the
National Agricultural Biotechnology Council

CABI Publishing is pleased to announce a collaboration between NABC, the
National Agricultural Biotechnology Council and AgBiotechNet, the Internet
service for Agricultural Biotechnologists at

AgBiotechNet is now delivering the Council's series of trend-setting reports
as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. NABC Reports 8, 9, 10 and 11 are
currently available:

*	NABC No.11: World Food Security and Sustainability: The Impacts of
Biotechnology and Industrial Consolidation
*	NABC No.10: Agricultural Biotechnology and Environmental Quality:
*	Escape and Pest Resistance
*	NABC No.9: Resource Management in Challenged Environments
*	NABC No.8: Agricultural Biotechnology: Novel Products and New

The NABC has a proven track record for covering emerging issues in
agricultural biotechnology from sustainable agriculture in 1989 through to
gene escape and pest resistance in 1998, and attracting key contributors.
For example, in the latest report, Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Director of the
International Food Policy Research Institute highlights the impacts of
biotechnology and industrial consolidation on world food security and
sustainability. The next report will include articles by US presidential
candidate Ralph Nader, and former CIA Director James Woolsey. 

To find out more about NABC or to order NABC Reports, please send an email
to NABC at Further details and contact details are available on

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is also now available to individuals at a special rate of £95/$150 per year.
Organizations and individuals without a subscription can take a free 30-day
trial of the full service including access to the abstracts database and
full text of all other content.  Trial and subscription details for 2000 are
available at 

AgBiotechNet now includes news, reviews, reports, book chapters, abstracts,
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