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Mon Apr 9 11:33:39 EST 2001

Buy distilled, deionized, or filtered.  Don't forget to feed
occasionally, as all of these "empty" waters have no nutrients.

To check for salt build-up, pour in water until there is water running
freely (you may want to do this in a sink or a tub or outside).  If
you have salts in your soil, the flush water will be rusty colored,
brown, or dark yellow.  Flush until water is clear.  You may also want
to repot with fresh soil.


uv wrote:
> "Monique Reed" <monique at> wrote in message
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> > Check for over-watering, root-rot, salt build-up in the soil, changes
> > in light, etc.
> >
> > M. Reed
> >
> > uv wrote:
> > >
> > > HELP!
> > > Very healthy vigorous Philodendron suddenly having many yellow leaves.
> > > Dropping leaves. Leaves yellowing over night.
> > >
> > > What am I doing wrong (after owning this 20 foot plant for over a year)
> > >
> > > Uv
> thanks! never thought of Salt build up. Could explain why my parlor palms
> are doing the same thing. Perhaps time to change to filtered water? I know
> it's not OVER watering, since I only water it once a week, and it's almost
> always dry when I touch the soil.
> What's the remedy for removing the salt?
> tia
> Uv

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