growing venus fly trap

Christopher Richards Christopherr at
Tue Apr 17 13:08:42 EST 2001

Just put it on a south facing window sill NOT above a radiator and stand it
in a saucer of rain water 1" deep, the water is the most important part
nearly all carnivorous plants are found in acid soil chalky/alkaline water
will kill them, the only other thing to do is if it starts to flower
(produces a long phallic looking stalk) cut it off the flowers are small and
not worth viewing and they sap a lot of the plants energy.
Oh one last thing DON'T play with the traps tempting as it might be the trap
can only close/reopen about 3 times then it dies if no fly/insect is inside
it's a waste of the plants vital energy recourses.
Check out a good site with
lots of info or one I have just found seems
quite a good site.

"Bill" <wmf521 at> wrote in message
news:IXIC6.273$E4.11099 at uchinews...
> I'm trying to grow a venus fly trap in Illinois (northern.)  Any advice,
> warnings....
> thanks.

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