George gborza at
Wed Apr 25 22:11:40 EST 2001

OK.... this vine was growing in the low vegetation just above the sand on
the was approximately 20-30 feet long. A old Mexican man picked
some leaves off and made tea. He told me it would be good for my back. No
pain now for 4 months. The area this plant was in Mexico was on the Atlantic
side (in the gulf) and  in the Yucatan.

Any help would be appreciated
"Macroperipatus" <macroperipatus at> wrote in message
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> I know about the plant you found on the beach in mexico.
> I'm psychic! More details please.
> macro
> "George" <gborza at> wrote in message
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> > I need someone to tell me they know about a plant I found in Mexico on
> > beach
> >
> >

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