Climing Sticking Ficus HELP HELP HELP !!!

Penny Morgan PMORGAN2 at
Fri Aug 24 10:28:54 EST 2001

I looked up your plant and it is called F. pumila (F. repens) or Creeping
Fig.  It is an evergreen vine and attaches itself to wood, masonry, or even
metal in barnacle fashion.

It looks innocent enough in young stages, but ultimately develops into large
2-4" long leathery leaves on stubby branches that also bear large oblong
fruit.  In time, stems will envelop a three or four story building so
completely that it becomes necessary to keep them trimmed away from windows.
It is safe to use this fig on stone, brick, or stucco homes, but not on
wood, as it will trap moisture and encourage rot.  The roots are invasive.

If I were you I would remove the plant now and either destroy it or move it
to a location like a stone wall or iron fence that you want to cover for
privacy.  Do not plant it near a tree, as it will probably smother it.

Zone 7 - North Carolina
Michael Roback <roback at> wrote in message
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> I have a plant at my house that grows like wildfire.  Someone told me it
> in the Ficus family??? It grows up walls and sticks tenaciously and
> currently it has grown up onto our carport and is sticking to the
> Someone told me that this plant will eat wood???  Does it have to be
> immediately and how so?  Can it just be scraped off?  Does it leave a
> residue that is harmful to wood?  What do I do???

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