Help me ID this flower please

Cereoid* cereoid at
Sun Aug 26 16:55:30 EST 2001

How tall is the plant? What kind of question is that?
>From the vague description, it could be any of thousands of possibilities.
We need a more thorough description of the plant and its flowers.

Asking how tall it is does not really help, does it?

Better yet, Bad Juju Boy should post the picture of the plant in
Maybe some day he will? Why all the secrecy? Is he afraid the picture might
fall into the wrong hands and upset the balance of world power if he posts

Penny Morgan <PMORGAN2 at> wrote in message
news:5duh7.164313$TM5.29973762 at
> How tall is the plant?  Are there multiple flowers on one plant?  How big
> diameter are the actual flowers?  It sounds like Bee Balm or Monarda.  It
> could also be an Heirloom Zinnia.  Another might be Cleome, but they are
> usually pink or white (may be a ruby color too).  E-mail a picture if you
> like and I'll take a look for you.
> Penny
> Zone 7 - North Carolina
> Badjujuboy <badjujuboy at> wrote in message
> news:20010819210605.26879.00000659 at
> > I have a flower that I want to know the name of, but am not sure how to
> upload.
> > I will describe it, and if you want to see it, I will email you a pic of
> it.
> >
> > It is red in color, and looks like a firework going off. It has a fluffy
> > center, but with little string like parts coming out like and
> explosion.....any
> > ideas?????
> >
> > please let me know, badjujuboy at

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